Where Do Hedgehogs Live?

You may have seen a hedgehog in a zoo or in your backyard garden, but where do hedgehogs live? Let’s take a look.

Hedgehogs Around the World

Wild Hedgehogs are native to desert and savanna areas in some parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia. However, they have been introduced to other areas, such as parts of Brazil, Scotland, and New Zealand. They are not native to the Americas or Australia, but they are kept as pets there. European hedgehogs were brought to New Zealand in the 1870s by European colonists to remind them of their homeland, and now hedgehogs are spread across the country.

Where Do Hedgehogs Live in Africa?

where do hedgehogs live in africaWild hedgehogs native to Africa live in the dry, warm central portions of Africa. They thrive in areas that have lots of insects and warm temperatures. They typically live in grassy, woodland, or rocky areas. They stay away from dense forests or wet swamps. Because of the year-round warm temperatures, these hedgehogs don’t usually hibernate during the winter.

Where Do Hedgehogs Live in Europe?

where do hedgehogs live in europe
Wild hedgehogs native to several parts of Europe, including the UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, and some parts of the Scandinavian countries. They have been introduced to other areas, like Scotland, and as a result, are currently found there as well. They tend to live in grasslands, woodlands, and meadows, and they often live near humans, In fact, a lot of hedgehogs get killed on the roads by cars every year. They love frequenting backyard gardens where they eat the insects, snails and slugs found there. They may even make a nest out of leaves inside a log or other hidden area and live in someone’s backyard. Because of the colder winters, they often hibernate during the winter months.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


Hedgehogs, Their Unusual Breeds, and Your Guide to Choosing the Right Type

Where Do Hedgehogs Live in Asia?

where do hedgehogs live in asia
Wild hedgehogs native to Asia are known as “long-eared hedgehogs”. They are found throughout central Asia and parts of the Middle East, including China, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, as well as other countries. They eat hedgehog meat in some of these areas, including Romania, and other countries have used hedgehogs as medicine for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.
In Asia, hedgehogs tend to live in grassy areas where there is an abundant water supply and plenty of insects. They avoid the desert areas. They live in grasslands, meadows, and woodlands, and often live near humans.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


Where Do hedgehogs Live in the Wild?

Hedgehogs are found in areas that have plenty of plants, insects, and a stable water supply. They also live near human civilizations.

Do Hedgehogs Live in Groups?

Other than mothers with offspring, hedgehogs are solitary animals. Hedgehogs have home territories. Females may share a territory, while each remains in a different section. Males are more territorial and are less likely to be found sharing a territory.

Do Hedgehogs Build Nests?

Hedgehogs can dig shallow burrows, but mostly hedgehogs will hide in vacated burrows of other animals such as rabbits, badgers, and hares.

Hedgehogs in Captivity

Captive hedgehogs live in homes as pets or in zoos.Captive hedgehogs live in cages. A typical cage contains of a small igloo for the hedgehog to hide in, a wheel for exercise, bedding and feeding bowls.
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