What You Should Know Before Shopping for Hedgehog Pet Supplies Online

Whether you have acquired your new pet from a licensed breeder, a pet shop in your area, or from a family member or friend, every hedgehog needs a specific setup that includes a variety of essentials. Hedgehogs, while cute and cuddly, are not legal to have as pets in many states. This is why there is not a specific niche market dedicated to hedgehog cages, food bowls, toys and accessories.

When it comes to acquiring food and a cage for your hedgehog, pet owners must purchase cages and food sources that are traditionally reserved for other types of pets like ferrets, cats, and guinea pigs. Some people prefer to purchase supplies for their hedgehog at pet stores in their area. Since hedgehogs are not a common pet, many people purchasing supplies have limited options in their local communities. Shopping online for pet hedgehog supplies offers more variety, better prices, frequent sales, and better availability. Here are some things you should be aware of when shopping for hedgehog pet supplies online.

What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

Hedgehogs thrive best on a diet that is high in protein and low in fat. Additionally, a small percentage of their caloric intake should stem from fiber. There are a few online sites that carry hedgehog food. Most veterinarians, however, suggest that you should feed your hedgehog a good-quality, low-fat dry cat food. You can also supplement their diet with live mealworms, crickets, cooked meat, and some fruits and vegetables.

Shopping For Hedgehog Supplies

Online pet stores often host sales events more frequently than brick-and-mortar shops in your community. Since many people have holidays off and are shopping online, many pet store websites will host a large online sale on their entire inventory or within certain specialized departments. These sales events are often one-day-only opportunities, so it makes sense to stock up on supplies when you can save a considerable amount of money on food and bedding for your pet hedgehog. PetsWelcome explains that when it comes to shopping for pet supplies online, “The choices might limited but the quality can be the same and sometimes the price is cheaper.”

You can also sign up to receive email alerts at some of your favorite online pet shops. This way, you can be notified in advance when a sales event is about to happen. Aside from the major celebrated holidays, some online pet stores also have anniversary sales. They will mark down their entire online inventory to celebrate their anniversary. Signing up for emails gives you the inside scoop as to when anniversary sales are announced; you can plan your purchases accordingly.

When you are shopping in your local community for pet hedgehog supplies, it is easy to use manufacturer coupons with your purchase. While most online pet stores do not offer the option to use a manufacturer’s coupon directly on the website, they typically offer site-only deals and discounts that offer an even better dollar-off or percentage-off savings. According to Plus Voucher Code, “Often, manufacturers or distributors will offer coupons that are even cheaper than some of their biggest sales.”

Some online shops also have sales during pet holidays or events. “National Adopt-A-Pet Day” or “National Dog Day” will often prompt online pet shops to mark down their inventory, offer coupons to loyal customers or host a sale.

What Does a Hedgehog Need?

A pet hedgehog will require a number of important supplies: a large cage, any type of cage bedding except cedar, a food dish, a water bowl or attachable water bottle, a litter tray, a flat-bottom plastic wheel, some sort of covered shelter or dwelling, sleep sacks or blankets for extra warmth, small balls or cat toys and some tunnels and climbing structures.

If you take advantage of sales events at your favorite online pet stores, use coupons for your in-store purchases and stock up on deeply-discounted, overstock or seasonal items for your new pet, you can save a considerable amount of money on pet hedgehog costs. Aside from the cage, food and water bowls, toys, running wheels, climbing structures and bedding, the only recurring costs for hedgehog ownership pertain to veterinary bills for wellness checks, litter box shavings, and food. Feed your hedgehog about four tablespoons of food per day to keep it in optimum health.

Hedgehogs make a great family-friendly pet. They are sweet and quite interactive with their human family. When socialized at a young age, hedgehogs are rarely afraid of people. They are a cost-effective pet; you will save a lot of money on hedgehog supplies if you shop during sales events and take advantage of discounts throughout the year.

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