Best Safety Practices When Traveling With Your Hedgehog

When planning a trip, it can be hard to find someone willing to take care of your four-legged friends back at home.

Although hedgehogs make great pets for educated owners, you might not want to leave them behind due to their special care needs that not everyone is familiar with.

Many people opt to take the pets with them while traveling, but there are important safety procedures that you should follow in order to ensure the health and comfort of your hedgehog.

How To Keep Your Hedgehog Calm

To keep your pet happy on a long drive or trip, we recommend that you provide some sort of entertainment to keep your spiky friend distracted from the overwhelming surroundings during your travels.

Your hedgehog will likely sleep most of the trip, but having a makeshift dig box filled with strips of fleece with food or treats inside can keep them busy and entertained.

Also, you could bring some items from their existing cage, like their favorite plush toys or fleece sleeping materials, so they feel more comfortable and at home.

You can even put a worn t-shirt of yours into their carrier for a familiar scent, so they know they are safe.

Keeping the volume of the radio down is also important, as many hedgehogs can be disturbed by loud noises.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

Remember that hedgehogs are climate sensitive, and most experts recommend that hedgehogs need to be kept in conditions between 72–80 degrees Fahrenheit and out of the way of any drafts.

When traveling by car, keep the temperature within that range. Bring along some small hand warmers for the carrier, as well.

You’ll also need a hedgehog carrier. Bringing your hedgehog in a box or simply on your lap isn’t an option. That would be dangerous for your hedgehog and potentailly fatal.

It’s best to select a hard-sided carrier with enough ventilation. Pad the carrier with soft fleece to eliminate injury in case of sudden stops. Don’t keep their water in the travel carrier to avoid spills, but be sure to provide adequate amounts of water during rest periods and stops.

How To Keep Your Hedgehog Safe

Getting into an automobile accident can be scary and cause injury, so it’s important to practice even higher safety standards when traveling with your pet.

Try your best to avoid sudden stops and fast turns, and don’t neglet to secure their traveling carrier before the trip.

The most common cause of accidents is distracted driving, so following the steps to keeping your hedgehog entertained and comfortable in order to create less distraction for yourself is important.

In addition, while not a common occurrence, it’s important to clarify that while your pet hedgehog is small and can be concealed easily in a pocket or in a backpack, that you should not travel with them on scooters or motorcycles.

So, while you might be tempted to go on a trip with your hedgehog on your bike, it’s highly advised not to do so.

It’s also pertinent to remember that hedgehogs are not legal in all areas, so checking to see if you need a special permit while passing through or relocating your hedgehog is a step you need to take.

Since hedgehogs are temperature sensitive and somewhat picky, it’s important to take proper care of your hedgehog when traveling to ensure their happiness and safety throughout the trip. Following these tips will help you have a smoother transition when traveling with your hedgehog.


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The Complete Guide To Traveling With Hedgehogs