Our Favorite Hedgehog Heating Products

Hedgehogs aren’t used to living indoors or in cold environments, so you need to keep their cages warm. The temperature in a hedgehog’s cage should be kept between 73-78° F (23-25° C).

If your hedgehog gets too cold, it’ll attempt to hibernate. While hibernation works well for hedgehogs in the wild, domestic and captive hedgehogs aren’t used to hibernating and might die as a result.

(Read more about Hedgehog Hibernation.)

To keep your hedgehog’s cage warm, you’ll need a cage heater. Here are our favorite heating products for hedgehogs.

BYB Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

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This ceramic heat light bulb doesn’t emit any light, so it won’t disturb your hedgehog’s lighting schedule.

It is ideal for hanging above your hedgehog’s cage. You can turn it off when the cage is warm but not too hot.   

This heat emitter is 100w (watts), you may need a higher or lower wattage depending on the temperature in your home and the size of your hedgehog’s cage.

If you are looking for a lower wattage, Aiicioo’s 60w ceramic heat emitter might suit you better.

Sweeter Heater Overhead Heater

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The Sweet Heater overhead model develops a uniform heat pattern, leaving no hot spots in the cage.

This heater uses less power than most heaters and is sealed, making it easy to wash.

 It is unbreakable and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

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To keep your hedgehog warm, you can heat up the whole room. A space heater is a great way to do that.

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This heater doesn’t overheat. It has an auto thermostat-controlled setting, turning off when a set temperature is reached.

K&H Small Animal Heating Pad

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While this heating pad isn’t enough to heat the entire cage, it is an effective way to provide additional heat to a specific part of the cage, such as the sleeping area.

The K&H heating pad is a terrific choice since it is low wattage and is chew resistant.

Elitech Temperature Data logger

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This thermometer is a great option because it records the highest and lowest temperatures. 

It also alarms you if the temperature gets too  high. 

Important Note on Heating:

  • All heating equipment that can be plugged in has potential to cause a fire or short out.
  • Heating equipment can overheat or be knocked down and cause damage to your hedgehog or its cage. 
  • Always keep a thermometer in the cage (plastic ones can melt) to avoid overheating your hedgehog’s cage.
  • Hedgehogs can overheat. Your hedgehog should always have the option to leave the heated area. Heat only a portion of the cage, so the hedgehog can get away from the heat when necessary.
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