How To Make an Outdoor Hedgehog House

Has a hedgehog been visiting your garden? Why not make it a house to keep it coming? Or maybe you yourself want to encourage a hedgehog to come and visit your wonderful garden. Hedgehogs wander through many gardens in search of food. But you don’t want it to wander into your garden and not come back, right? You want it to stay. That’s why you should build a hedgehog house. Having shelter is necessary for a hedgehog’s survival in the winter. In autumn, hedgehogs begin to collect leaves, straw, twigs, grass etc. They use these materials to build their nests under fallen logs and hedgerows. These materials are waterproof and provide good insulation. Provide wandering hedgehogs with shelter, and save them the hard work.

Hedgehogs are a gardener’s friend, because they eat slugs, snails, and a lot of different insects that can damage your garden and ruin your vegetables.  It makes sense to welcome a hedgehog to come and stay if you’re lucky enough to live in an area where wild hedgehogs abound.

Make a hedgehog house out of an old crate:

You can make a hedgehog house out of a old wooden crate by cutting out an entrance, and adding a tunnel on the entrance to prevent predators from getting in. Do not use creosote or treated wood. These chemicals can harm the hedgehog. You should use felt to protect the house from the winter weather, and keep it in a place that will be undisturbed in the winter. Who wants to be disturbed while in the middle of a long nap? You should also scatter leaves inside the hedgehog house for insulation.

Make Your Own DIY Hedgehog Cage | Hedgehog As Pets

Make a hedgehog house out of a cardboard box:

This way is very cheap and simple. Get a big and thick cardboard box, fold it close and cut out a small entrance.Put some shredded newspapers on the bottom with grass and straw on top of it. Then with a sheet of plastic, cover the top to protect the home from the rough weather.

Or you could get crafty and make your a house out of wood. Here are some ideas

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A few things to keep in mind when making your house:

  • Keep the entrance of your hedgehog house facing south. Cold winds blow from the north and northeast.
  • Keep the house in a quiet, undisturbed place.
  • After winter, the house may need cleaned out. Make sure the hedgehog has left before cleaning. You can do this by placing a small light at the entrance. If it is pushed away overnight, then the hedgehog is still in there. If not, then the hedgehog has probably left.

Encourage hedgehogs to come back by:

  • Leaving fresh food and water. (Some foods are not suitable for hedgehogs. Find out what’s safe.)
  • Avoiding using slug pellets. Hedgehogs eat slugs, and can be poisoned by the slug.
  • Making your garden hedgehog-friendly. You can do this by covering holes and drains, and giving rocks or bricks on the sides of garden ponds to provide an easy way out for the hedgehog. Remove sport netting to prevent the hedgehog for getting entangled.

If you want to make a hedgehog house for your indoor hedgehog pet, be sure to check out How to Make Your Own Hedgehog Cage.

Hedgehog Toys

Here’s a instructional video of how to make a nice hedgehog house for your backyard.

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