How To Handle An Aggressive Hedgehog

Hedgehogs aren’t aggressive pets. Yet, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened. It’s just self-defense!

Hedgehogs show their aggression by hissing and clicking. Sometimes, you hedgehog might bite you after hissing and clicking.

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Dealing with an aggressive hedgehog can be tiresome in the beginning, but with bonding and patience, even the most aggressive hedgehogs can become your best friend.

Picking Up An Aggressive  Hedgehog

You can’t expect for your hedgehog to tame itself. In order to bond with your hedgehog and stop the aggression, you’re going to need to pick it up.

Many hedgehog owners, especially new hedgehog owners, are scared of picking up their hedgehog when it is hissing and jumping. However, there’s no need to be afraid if you’re picking it up the right way.

There are two ways to pick up your hedgehog:

  1. You can pick it up by placing a towel on its back to avoid being poked with its quills.
  2. Or you can scoop it up with some bedding under it. Then, place it on a flat surface inside their cage, let it calm down a bit, and then pick it up without the bedding. Make sure you pick it up with your hands under your hedgehog’s belly where there are no quills.

After picking the hedgehog up, you can place the hedgehog wherever you wish as long as that place is not dangerous. It could be your bed, your lap or your coffee table (just be careful that they don’t fall off). You could have a T.V on in the background to get your hedgehog used to noises.

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If you decide to keep your hedgehog in your lap or hands, hold them with a small towel to prevent being hurt by its quills.

Bonding With Your Hedgehog

You need to handle your hedgehog for at least an hour every day. You have to be patient; your hedgehog is not going to go from being aggressive to being friendly overnight.

Just letting your hedgehog fall asleep in your lap is bonding. Let your hedgehog roam around while you’re nearby. Having him/her on your desk as you do your homework is also bonding (again, make sure it doesn’t fall down). If your hedgehog is calm enough, play around with it.

You can read more about bonding with your hedgehog here.

Getting Your Hedgehog Used To You

The best way to get your hedgehog used to you is wearing a shirt to bed for a few days, and then rolling it up and keeping it in your hedgehog’s cage, preferably near where they sleep. This will help get your hedgehog used to your scent.

Another thing you can do is have him/her around when you’re watching T.V. This will also help them get used to noise since lots of hedgehogs are disturbed by loud noises (Don’t leave the volume too high, though).

Again, just being around your hedgehog can make a big difference. Try to spend as much time as possible with your hedgehog, and don’t forget to be patient.

These are the number one tips for a less aggressive hedgehog.

Have you had an aggressive hedgehog before? What did you do to make him less aggressive? Tell us in the comments!

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