How Much do Hedgehogs Cost?

how much do hedgehogs cost

So in the last post, I answered a very common question, ‘Where to Buy a Hedgehog?’. Today, I’ll answer a much more important question to many and that is how much do hedgehogs cost?

Before buying a pet, it’s important to know whether you can afford to have a new member in your family. Hedgehog’s needs for food and water, shelter, heat, bedding, toys, and accessories and their cost leads many families to give away their beloved pet. In order to avoid this heart-breaking moment, you should know how much hedgehogs cost before actually buying one.

Hedgehogs are exotic animals, which means they’re more expensive than your average guinea pig or rabbit. Hedgehog prices range from $75-$250, this is for the hedgehog itself and not all its essentials.

Basic Hedgehog Costs

Hedgehog’s basic needs are the things you will buy before or shortly after buying your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs need a cage, a carrier, food, bedding, a wheel, a food bowl, a water bowl/bottle, a heater, and nail clippers.

  • Cage$10-$70
  • Carrier:  $8-$15
  • Wheel (minimum size 11″): $15-$35
  • Igloo/Hut: $5-$10
  • Small water bottle/bowl: $3-$8
  • Food bowl: $3-$6
  • Heating pad: $15-$30
  • Nail clippers (child size): $5
  • Bedding: $30-$40


Yearly costs:

  • Food: $50
  • Treats: $20
  • Bedding: $75
  • Toys: $5-$20
  • Vet (yearly check-up): $50
  • Sanitary Wipes (to clean cage): $8-$12

 TOTAL YEARLY COSTS: $208 – $227

That breaks down to a monthly upkeep cost of about $17.

The biggest expense comes when you buy supplies to set up for your new hedgehog’s arrival.  However, the monthly upkeep cost is far less than a lot of other pets.  For example, the monthly cost of keeping a guinea pig can run you about $99 a month for supplies and food.  Having a big dog can cost you $80 or more just for some food, flea medicine, heartworm pills, a toy, and a treat. So for those who can afford the initial set-up cost, hedgehogs make great pets because they are not expensive to maintain monthly, and they’re small and don’t take up a lot of space.

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