Hedgehog Toys

hedgehog toys

Everybody likes to have fun, and your hedgehog is no different. Hedgehogs love toys. Giving your hedgehog a toy to play with is a great idea. The following are the toys I recommend for your hedgehog, and they are both cheap and fun.

  •  A toilet paper tube: Might not be what you were expecting, but hedgehogs love them! Just be careful, hedgehogs can get their head stuck in it. The best way to avoid this is to cut the tube in half length ways. Wide diameter PVC pipes work well, too, just make sure there are no sharp edges and that the pipe has been cleaned. 
  • Tennis or ping-pong balls: Hedgehogs like pushing these balls around their cages. It’s fun to watch them do this, too, so you can have fun with your hedgehog. Double fun! 
  • Plastic Easter eggs: If you put a treat inside, your hedgehog can learn to open it and get the treat. 
  • Small stuffed animals: preferably the size of or smaller than your hedgehog. Hedgehogs love to drag these around or cuddle with them. If your hedgehog is chewing on them and the stuffing is coming out, the stuffing my be harmful, so empty the stuffed toy and replace the stuffing with bedding. 
  • A pet wheel: This provides essential exercise for your hedgehog, and every hedgehog cage should contain one. Just be careful not to get a wire wheel, because hedgehog feet can get stuck in there. 

hedgehog toy toilet paper roll

Hedgehogs are a bit like small children – they can make regular household items into toys to play with. Just make sure what you’re giving your hedgehog isn’t harmful. A few toys to avoid are Legos, cedar chips and basically anything with strings.

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I hope your hedgehog has fun with the toys I’ve recommended. If you like the post or want to share a toy that your hedgehog enjoys, go ahead and comment or share this article so that other hedgehogs can have as much fun as yours.

Here are some toys to get you started. Let your hedgehog have some fun!


exercise wheel  tennis balls  plastic easter eggs
 Kaytee Large 8.5″ Comfort Exercise Wheel  Tennis Balls  Plastic eggs
willow ball  grass ball  hammock
 Play Willow Ball  Grass Ball  Hammock
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