Hedgehog Personality Types

Hedgehog’s personalities depend on many factors, the most important is how often they are handled and in which way. A hedgehog that was neglected, not handled very often, or handled with gloves/in an intimidating manner is more likely to be mean and aggressive.

Another factor that plays a role in your hedgehog’s personality is the mother’s personality. If your hedgehog’s mother was comfortable with humans, the baby will most likely be comfortable with humans, too.

Hedgehogs have different personalities; not every hedgehog will like the same things or act the same way. However, no matter how different hedgehogs' personalities are, they usually fit into the four personality groups:

  • The Adventurer/Explorer
  • The Huffer
  • The Loner
  • The Cuddler

The Explorer Hedgehog Personality Type

Hedgehogs with the explorer personality type just can’t sit still. They love to run and are very active.

While bonding with explorer hedgehogs, they will always try to run out of your hands or off of your lap to everywhere they can.

These hedgehogs don’t like being held and cuddling when out of their cage (But don’t mind using you as a jungle gym). They like doing what their name suggests, exploring!

Explorer hedgehogs are very outgoing. You should give them more fat in their diet since they burn so much of it while they’re running.

The Huffer Hedgehog Personality Type

Some hedgehogs are just grumpy all the time. They are always huffing at you, clicking at you and are almost always balled up. It’s just the way they are.

For your first hedgehog, you probably wouldn’t want a huffer. They aren’t impossible to bond with (link to bond with); they can come around, but it requires a lot of patience. Huffer hedgehogs are afraid of humans and take a lot of bonding and patience to get used to humans.

Interesting Hedgehog Facts

If you want tips on handling your mean or aggressive hedgehog, you can see how to handle an aggressive hedgehog.

The Loner Hedgehog Personality Type

This type of hedgehog isn’t like the huffer. They won’t hate you for handling them, they just prefer to be left alone.

They are happiest when left alone to run in their cage without any disturbance. To them, you are just a source of food and water.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bond with them at all. You should still bond with them daily for about an hour a day.

The Cuddler Hedgehog Personality Type

These hedgehogs love to be held, they are ideal for owners who wish for a hedgehog that will love to be handled.

They enjoy cuddling as the name suggests and would love to fall asleep in your lap. They open up quickly to their owners and are great for first-time hedgehog owners.

Cuddlers are hedgehogs that cherish bonding time.

These are general personality types of personalities that people use to describe hedgehogs. Your hedgehog may be an explorer one day and another prefer to just sit down and cuddle.

Hedgehog Personalities Inforgraphic

Here is a infographic of the hedgehog personalities:

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