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HedgehogAsPets is a place where you can easily find answers to all your hedgehog-related questions. Therefore, I've made you some great tools and downloadable resources. 


Wondering if hedgehogs are hedgehogs legal in your area? Are you having trouble coming up with a good hedgehog name? 

Use our free online tools for some help!


We've made your some useful hedgehog resources to download. Check out what we have to offer. 

Hedgehog Care Guide

care guide

Get the Hedgehog Care Guide and be the best hedgehog owner! Learn about basic hedgehog needs, bathing, nail trimming, and more.

Traveling with Hedgehogs Checklist

Traveling with hedgehogs

Are you ready to travel with your hedgehog? Don't forget anything by using this Travel Checklist. 

Read about Traveling with Hedgehogs here

Hedgehog Treat List

treat list

Hedgehogs love treats, but not every food is safe for hedgehogs. Find out what treats you should give your hedgehog and which to avoid.

Read about Giving Hedgehogs Treats here.

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