HedgehogAsPets: Who Are We?

Hi, I'm Layla and I love Hedgehogs! Two years ago, I realized there wasn't enough information about hedgehog care online, so I decided to fix that problem. 

HedgehogAsPets was made for YOU!

​As hedgehog owners, we want to take the best possible care of our pets.

But how are we supposed to know everything about hedgehog care?

What do hedgehogs eat? What temperature are hedgehog cages supposed to be? How can you make a hedgehog like you? How to bond with your hedgehog

"Home is where my hedgehog is."

All these are important questions, but not every hedgehog owner knows them, especially those who are new to hedgehogs.

That was the problem I wanted to solve by making HedgehogAsPets. 

Everything Hedgehog-ish

So, what exactly will you find on HedgehogAsPets?

The short answer is: everything hedgehog-ish.

In addition to hedgehog care tips and info, you'll also find hedgehog DIY projects, hedgehog facts, and the best hedgehog products. 

So Now What...?

What do you do now that you know what HedgehogAsPets is all about? 

Visit our Start Here Page and learn more about hedgehog care. 

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